Mawadda Cafe Welcomes You!


What people are saying about us:

    • “This local spot at the corner of Rainier and Graham is truly a great spot for lunch or dinner.  The Shish Kabob is one of the best I ever had.  For me the Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo is what I go for everything is so fresh you can’t beat it.  This is one of the best local spots in the Rainier Valley to try and I live on Graham St.” – James Eng, Seattle, WA
    • “Greatest Gyros in the nation and the best in town.  They can have all the gyros cafe in town but they can’t touch the Mawadda Gyros.  If you want to know how good the gyros is just come down to the Mawadda Cafe and try it for yourself.  Once you try it you will be back.”- Joe Melvin, Renton, WA
    • “Mawadda has wonderful specially prepared food that ensures you savor every bite.  The Chai tea is HEAVEN and the Lamb is AMAZING!  the Baklava MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH!  It is all so DELICIOUS!  The chef Rami is really gracious, he prepares your food after you order it.” – J.Z., Seattle, WA
    • “WOW!  I am a southend Rainier Beach resident and we have a hidden gem here.  I had the vegetarian plate…the Sambusa were by far the best I have ever had – made with flaky filo dough and stuffed with filling. The plate comes with 3 different yummy sauces.  The Falafel was great, as were the stuffed grape leaves.” – Jessica B., Seattle, WA
    • “As far as Gyros go this Rami, the chef/owner, has got it dialed in.  Some of the most tender slices of meat (and lots of it!) to go between a pita pad and complimented well with some tasty tzatziki and fresh veggies.” – Brutha Bill, Seattle, WA